Why us

  • No charges for putting the dress (commission only)
  • Contract for an indefinite period of time, it lasts as long as brides are interested in trying your gown on
  • We take perfect care of your dress - we do not lend out the gowns, they are all wrapped, clients don't wear makeup during appointments

Which gowns are we interested in

  • Trendy, fresh styles
  • Washed, in great condition
  • For at least 170cm (your height + heels' height)


  • We do not accept dresses by mail order!!!
  • We do not collect or issue the dresses on Saturdays
  • The dress doesn't have to be washed to be valuated
  • We do not buy dresses
  • We can refuse putting a dress in our boutique, without giving a reason


Komis Sukien Ślubnych Lady Bride - Wstaw Suknię

Free valuation - send a form 

    Enclose 2 photos (preferably from the catalogue; max. 1mb)


    1) Request a free valuation, using the form above, to find out how much you can get for your dress.
    • IMPORTANT: Inspect your dress closely in daylight and list all the defects in the form. Some defects make it impossible to put the gown on sale in our boutique.
    • If your dress was made-to-measure, let as know who and where tailored it. Then add photos, on which we can see its front and back.
    • If you forgot the name of the brand or the model, try to search for them in your wedding notes, the receipt/invoice, or on the tag inside the dress. The more information you find, the more accurate the initial valuation will be. If you cannot find them, tell us where and when you bought the dress (the city and the shop).
    2) You will receive the initial valuation in 48h via email.
    • If you find the terms agreeable, wash and iron the gown.
    • You can give the dress to the cleaner's, or wash it by yourself. Keep the dress in a mix of water and washing liquid for more than 10 hours (if the dress is made from silk 1-2h), clean the edges and the armpit area with e.g. a laundry soap bar. Thoroughly rinse the dress at full length not to miss any spots.
    • Inspect the dress closely in daylight to see if it is properly washed. If it is not, wash it again.
    3) Book an appointment - send an email or call us.
    • If the final examination goes as planned, we will sign a contract.
    • The dress will stay at our place, as you wait for a call with good news.
    • It is a contract for an indefinite period of time, which means that the dress will stay at our boutique as long as there are brides interested in trying it on.
    • There are no hidden fees. If the dress is not sold, you do not lose anything, and we do not gain anything, as well. We gain only if the dress is sold, as only then we get the commission.